John Gilmore's Next Step Coaching

John Gilmore's Next Step Coaching

Please schedule your appointment here. Appointments are scheduled every hour and a half. All of our services have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Due to the Corona Virus our Body-Work Sessions have been temporarily canceled.

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Peaceful Warrior Training - $99
Freeing yourself from the chains of psychological manipulation and self deception is possible. This class will teach you to understand the mechanisms of the type of oppression that leads to self suppression and depression, how to neutralize their powers in yourself and others, and how to teach other people how to do the same. You may register for this class the first Monday of each month. Classes meet, virtually with follow up up coaching sessions that will be scheduled in the future.
Peaceful Warrior Training Plus - $359.95
This course is the same course as the other Peaceful Warrior Training Course, but in addition to you classes it includes 2 one on one 60 Minute coaching sessions.


Pre-arranged Priced Massages
Regular Life Coaching - $100
One, 1hour session
90 Min Massage
Regular Swedish - $60
Renewal Massage - $120
Renew the body with deluxe bodywork. From 90 minutes to 2 hours we work with you to get rid of all of the stress and all of the kinks. We keep going until we are done from ninety minutes to up to *(2)* hours. Pamper yourself, renew your energy and vitality, rid yourself of all of the kinks and knots.
no show penalties - $35
There is a $35 additional fee that you must pay if you can if you do not cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. If you fail to show up and do not call or respond two times and do not pay the cancellation fee, you will forfeit your fee and be asked to make an appointment with another therapist.
Deluxe Life Coaching - $250
Animal Reiki and Energy Work - $70
Pet Reiki and energy work to promote relaxation, a sense of well being, and to remove blockages to promote self healing by your pets. Reiki is an effective form of energy work that is helpful to reduce stress, help curb bad behavior, help with eating disorders, and introduce the pet into a new family. Costs include travel up to 10 miles each direction. $1 per mile for anymore. Some animals take less time than others so we do not guarantee that we will apply the Reiki for the total 30 minutes. We suggest 15 - 30 minutes.
Directions Glenside, PA, United States